Ian Fensom – CEO & Training Consultant

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I am a former Fire Officer with over 35 years experience in numerous roles for Greater Manchester FRS, one of UKs largest & most successful metropolitan Fire & Rescue Services.

During the 1990’s I developed my command skills and was appointed as Station Commander of a busy inner-city station, protecting a diverse public and responding to a varied risk profile. I undertook a number of specialist roles and qualified with a Distinction (one of only two ever awarded) as a Hazardous Materials & Environmental Protection Officer, at the renowned Fire Service College.

In the wake of the attacks of 9/11, I was invited to take up the role of the FRS Lead Hazmat Officer in Manchester and was appointed in December 2001. I was responsible for advising Principal Managers on Hazmat Policy and Procedures, providing response to incidents and ensuring the effective provision, training & management of approximately 30 qualified Hazmat & Environmental Protection Officers.

From 2003 to 2008 I was also deeply involved in the development, implementation and refinement of the UK FRS National Resilience capability to respond to and Detect, Identify and Monitor potential terrorist CBRNe threats.  I was an integral part of the concept evolution and demonstrated that trained fire officers could successfully deploy and utilise sophisticated scientific instrumentation such as field portable GC/MS, Infrared and Gamma Spectrometers, etc.

As a result of my Hazmat background and this National CBRN Capability experience, I was selected in 2008 to take up appointment at the Fire Service College in the post of Hazmat Resilience Manager. Here I was responsible for design, delivery and development of training to the UK’s 19 FRS CBRNe detection teams. During my three years at the college, I dedicated myself to providing the highest possible quality of training for the National Resilience Capability, and all the personnel charged with undertaking the DIM Advisor role, and implemented significant improvements to ensure maximum value for money for the College.

Now “retired”, my passion for all things Hazmat and CBRNe Detection continues.  I believe that I still have considerable expertise and skills to offer and as a consequence I have set up Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training Ltd. Operating with the intent of working alongside and in partnership with existing providers, we aim to continue and enhance the delivery of high quality training and consultancy to CBRNe responders, practitioners, suppliers and the wider business community.