Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training has a wide area of expertise and significant contacts throughout the Hazmat and CBRNe arena.

With considerable experience as emergency responders,  we have been involved in detailed development of operational procedures, in equipment selection and use, vehicle design and build, training development & delivery, and in numerous post incident investigations and reports.

With such a background Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training has been involved a number of medium and high value consultation and bid projects, both in the UK and over seas.

As associates within a larger consultancy group, we narrowly missed out on a recent UK Government sponsored research project looking into issues surrounding current use and longer term replacement issues for the Respirex PRPS Ensemble; the bid was won by the UK Health & Safety Laboratory.  Feedback on our submission was extremely encouraging.  In a similar way, we have supported a number of bids for European funding.

At present, we are involved in a high value project bid for the supply of a CBRNe Response Vehicle, Equipment package and all associated training.  Our involvement has been to support and advise on the overall bid process, research and advise on equipment recommendation and selection to meet the clients needs, advise on operational response tactics and policy, where relevant, and to submit a draft training recommendation based on the vehicle and equipment supply submission.

If you are undertaking any type of project in relation to Hazmat or CBRNe work, whether for policy and procedural reasons, in relation to vehicle or equipment supply or for training matters and are interested in support then Capricorn would welcome your enquiry.