Hapsite ER

Hapsite ER is the latest, most flexible and most powerful variant of the INFICON GCMS instruments.  Whilst it has many features in common with the Smart Plus, the ER takes detection and analysis of VOCs, Semi VOCs and CWAs to the next level.

Some of the many improved features are listed here;

  • Shorter column length giving faster results, excellent chromatogram resolution with sharper peaks and reduced compound overlap, and improved gas usage
  • Longer NEG life
  • Concentrator only methods to deliver loop equivalent and concentrator results
  • Increased survey sensitivity (>1ppm)
  • Universal Interface permits a variety of input methods including SPME & TDS
  • Volume based sampling permits quant methods and repeatability between instruments
  • CWAs and NIOSH listed compounds near or above IDLH listed in red

Through our recent collaboration with INFICON, Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training has ensured that we can fully support any new ER users and offer detailed, up-to-date and fully accredited training.

As with all our other courses we can add the experienced operational dimension that adds real value to your training and ensures that any user will be able to deliver safe, reliable and effective results from almost any situation.

If you wish to purchase a new Hapsite ER, are an existing user or simply wish to discuss possible applications then you should contact us today.