Hapsite GCMS

Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training Ltd has recently entered into a cooperation agreement with INFICON, the manufacturer and supplier of the Hapsite GCMS device.

This agreement places Capricorn as the sole UK Sales & Customer Support Consultant and ensures that all Hapsite related training provided by us has the full authorisation and quality assurance of the Original Equipment Manufacturers, INFICON.

Such authorisation and assured quality of training is a strong consideration for any user wishing to undertake Hapsite training.

It will provide strong evidence of competency and maintained skill should these areas be examined for audit or post incident enquiry purposes.

For more information about INFICON and its products, please visit their website at; http://www.inficon.com

Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training currently offers support to users of three variants of Hapsite;

*   Hapsite Smart

*   Hapsite Smart Plus

*   Hapsite ER (including accessories)


Use the drop down tabs above or clicking on the images to the right for each device can see further details.


Images at L side of page –

Hapsite Smart                           Hapsite Smart Plus     Hapsite ER