Hapsite Smart

Hapsite Smart is the first iteration of the Hapsite range that operated using the SmartIQ software.  This put the operation of the device within the scope of the non-scientist user.

Since its first launch, the Smart Plus and more recently the ER have superseded the basic Smart variant.

As a result of this progress and the fact that most existing users opted to uplift to Smart Plus, the Smart will not be officially supported by INFICON beyond 2013.

The few Smart users that do remain will still be able to access maintenance for some time but as components are gradually used this will become more difficult.

In respect of training, Capricorn has the ability to continue to provide support for users for the foreseeable future. Whilst we are happy to offer this service we would however, recommend serious consideration of upgrading to Smart Plus as this variant has significant operator advantages.

Capricorn would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have if you are still a Smart user.