Training Service Overview

Emergency Response Sector

Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training have a number of off the shelf packages but we are committed to offering the customer a better deal than has been traditionally available.   We pride ourselves on quality but firmly believe that some corners should not be cut.  We also believe that the customer should play a pivotal role in determining what training is required and how, when and where that training is delivered. The first step in any training provision is a detailed discussion with you, to understand your requirements and consider your fully costed options.

Having had this discussion, a specific, appropriate, timely and affordable solution can be designed.  Once the design is agreed, delivery will be carried out to the highest standard.  Trainers will assess participants’ achievements as required but we highly recommend a formal process, which will stand scrutiny.

Training in operational tactics can be provided to compliment your equipment. All operations in the Hazmat and CBRNe arena present risk and Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training should be your first call if you are seeking professional training for your team.


Business Sector

“All businesses should have arrangements in place to deal with the impact of a major incident or disaster.  Make sure you understand what you need to do in an emergency at work” © …

taken from PREPARING FOR EMERGENCIES – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW, HM Govt. publication 2004.

We can provide vital training, enabling you to demonstrate resilience to any Hazmat event, whether major or minor, accidental or deliberate. The receipt of a simple envelope containing some form of unusual material (whether dangerous or not) can cause significant disruption, staff concern and loss of revenue for any business.

Training to take the correct actions, minimise exposure & request assistance are all part of the preparedness that will assist you to minimise any loss arising from the impacts of any Hazmat or CBRNe event.