HazMat ID

General Info about HazMatID

HazMatID gen

HazMatID and HazMatID 360 are two variants of the well known Smiths Detection Infrared Spectrometer that are in widespread use in the UK.  Teams from Fire & Rescue, Police and The Post Office rely on this instrument as one of the mainstays of unknown solids & liquids identification.  However such reliance can be compromised if skills are not maintained and developed through regular use and training.

HazMatID Training

Capricorn Hazmat Detection Training has considerable experience, as both users and trainers, in the operation of the HazMatID, FTIR Spectrometer.

In order to get the best from this type of device you and your team should understand not only the technical skills required for operation but also the more in depth ability to make logical and systematic decisions based on your interpretations.  Capricorn can guide you in the development of these skils and techniques so that your operations will be safe, effective and accurate.

We can deliver courses from basic introduction through to advanced use and we include in our portfolio a range of options suitable for existing users who require refresher traiining.